...Your books are what I had waited for so long. They are designed to meet the needs of the English speaking student, concise, simply presented and yet very educative. Thank you so much for responding to that need. Keep up the good work. H. Doumas, Director of GSL.

The Psyhogeos Program has been reviewed by many educators, the most prominent of all, the late Prof. John Rexines, one of the pillars and innovators of American education, whose favor remarks and praise encouraged the author enormously in continuing her work. Few of the many notices follow:

...Your books are what I had waited for so long. They are designed to meet the needs of the English speaking student, concise, simply presented and yet very educative. Thank you so much for responding to that need. Keep up the good work.

H. Doumas, Director of GSL.

...Congratulations and best wishes for the wonderful job you are doing, I just finished reading with interest and affection your "Greek Anthology" and I was extremely pleased with it. I am sure that it will be well received and greatly appreciated by all.

Prof. Emeritus P. Moutevelis.

...Your program is excellent! The high school and college teachers in Melbourne, Australia, reviewed the books very favorably and have included them in their next semester's syllabi... Good luck and thanks so much for making Greek fun to teach.

Maria Stuart Jones

...I was happy to review your books. I found them excellent and superbly organized. The program follows a sound methodology and the student should be able to follow the course easily, without confusion.

Prof. C. Isaakides, Appointee of the Greek Ministry of education, as a GSL expert.

Learn To Read ...An Amazon.com reader, who gave it five stars, writes:

This book has helped me advance my personal concept of
the Greek language. With a great teaching method this is easily
the best book for teaching Greek.

Another Amazon.com reader gives both: Journey To Greece and the Olympic
Games five stars and writes:

Don't travel to Greece without reading this book. Make Your Journey To
Greece strikes a balance between educating the reader about ancient and
modern Greece, and provides essential information for a most enjoyable
vacation. It also devotes 40 pages in teaching the reader basic Greek words
and phrases so you may navigate through Greece without a tour guide.The
author has decorated the book with beautiful pictures, introducing the
reader to the fascinating sights waiting to be seen. Best of all, this
comprehensive history/language/tour guide can be carried easily on your

Reviews and Comments on the Mini-Course

Many educators, linguists and most especially the students who took this course, and continued to the intermediate and advanced levels, have reviewed the Psyhogeos Program. Here are only few of the hundreds of remarks.
While I was studying while taking your wonderful course, my friend, the famous linguist (name withheld) came by and saw your notes. He exclaimed with enthusiasm and said: "tell your instructor that this course is excellent and to publish it as soon as possible. If we have had simplified, workable courses and methods like this, students would've learned foreign languages much easier". I agreed with him. Although I had only completed the eighth lesson, I knew that I was progressing beautifully. Please concur and follow his advice. He knows what he's talking about….

Dr. Marie McDonald

(I have to mention here that his suggestion, along with the following comments of a well-known professor, and the exhortation of the students who took the courses, gave me the stimulus I needed to go ahead and publish my work. I'm forever grateful. M.K.P).
I have studied six foreign languages in the past and never before I had understood the fundamentals of a language in such a short period. The curriculum consists of all the elements needed for the learning of a language. I highly recommend it to everyone interested in learning Greek.

Prof. John Rosser

What a wonderful feeling! Upon the completion of my fifteen-lesson course I have learned so much. I'm looking forward now to continue studying Greek and thus becoming fluent. This program gave me an incentive and enough confidence to master the language. Incredible! Thanks to the Psyhogeos Program!!
Linda D. Kupelian

This is the most effective course we have ever taken. The results at the end of our class were incredible. Having taken many foreign languages we have the experience to attest that this is the easiest and most efficient course of study. Our class was extremely pleased with the outstanding outcome!!!
Donald Smith
(the head of a class that took the course in 1985)

…I conclude that this program is the best I have ever studied under. I'm very much impressed by the methodology. I consider the simplification, intensity, isolation and elucidation in English, to be the most important characteristics of the Psyhogeos Program. It is ideal for any student.
Byron G. Pappas

My 15-years-old son took this course at home. He was enthused from the start and his progress was remarkable. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving him the tool and most importantly the impetus to learn the language. Helen K. Martin

I have been teaching classics for many years and this year I was asked to teach Modern Greek for the first time. I want to tell you that without your Mini-Course and the rest of your Psyhogeos Program, it would've been impossible for me even to consider it. Upon the completion of my class my students were very laudetory. My response to them was: "congratulations are due to the program that helped me be so effective". Thank you again for your excellent work and making my work so pleasant!!!.
Prof. Steven Prevas


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