...Your books are what I had waited for so long. They are designed to meet the needs of the English speaking student, concise, simply presented and yet very educative. Thank you so much for responding to that need. Keep up the good work. H. Doumas, Director of GSL.

A Greek Family helps you learn Greek

Greek Conversation II


This book is designed for the intermediate student and it is ideal for someone who wishes to increase and expand his/her knowledge of the language by reading, translating, and sharing the experiences of a Greek-American family. The short lectures on renowned people and places will fascinate you, in addition, your vocabulary will be greatly enriched and yourconversational skills will definitely be perfected.

This book is accompanied by "Lesson by lesson" manual.

Book alone:
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Book plus 2 tapes (cassettes):
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Intermediate Level

Greek Conversation II (Intermediate Level), is the 2nd revised and enhanced edition of the previously titled "More Conversation in Greek" It is accompanied by a CD or an audio cassette and deals with everyday situations. The extensive vocabulary along with the useful practical dialogues help the Intermediate student of the Greek language to advance. Listening to the CD or cassette (whatever you are using) while you're working, driving, exercising, watching TV etc. you have the opportunity to study without having to sit down and study the book, which can respond to any question you
might have in order to master whatever you learn. The commonplace occurences and events involved in the dialogues could be helpful by themselves, or, for even better results, as a companion to "A Greek Family Helps You Learn

Book & CD
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Book plus one 90 min. audio cassette.
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Two CD's, one Text plus one audio
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CD plus one 90 min. audio cassette.
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