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Profiles of Greece
Nicholas Econopouly

The following passages are taken from the letters of Nicholas Econopouly, sent while he was in Greece during the 1963-1964 school year. Mr. Econopouly, Chairman of the Social Studies Department at Northport High School, Northport, New York, was a Fulbright teach in Athens.

His letters contained such excellent descriptions of Greece- the people, the national temperament, the country- that it was decided to bring Mr. Econopouly's experiences to the students of Northport High School through the written word. It is thought that the drama, action and feeling of these description about Greece have not been captured in the usual texbook, travel folder or pamphlet. There is also material of the same caliber about countries which he visited during his Fulbright year.

It should be noted that Mr. Econopouly, in cooperation with Northport High School, carried on a "people to people" program by adopting two Greek villages. Some of the letters describe this project and this is mentioned as an explanatory statement to the readers.

As the Editors progressed in their work of producing a report of Mr. Econopouly's experiences while in Greece and during his trips to other countries, it was suggested that the booklet be made available on a wider sale to the community. Therefore, copies will be placed in both the public and school libraries.

It is hoped that everyone will enjoy reading this booklet and profit from the descriptions, thoughts and ideas which it contains.

David Allardice
Northport High School

Robert Tripp
Social Studies Teacher
Northport High School

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