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The thoughts and conversations of the people were so directed towards the new vehicle that not a single soul brought up the usual topic of conversation that came up whenever the Kimolos entered the port- her obvious list to starboard.

Everyone had their own theory as to why she listed so precariously; all the trucks were accidentally loaded on the same side... there was a slow leak deep within her rusty hull on the starboard side...all the passengers were on the starboard side so that they could better view the quaint little village of Kamares as the Kimolos unloaded her motley cargo of vehicles and people. Whatever the individual's theory was, at this time not one single person was even aware of the list.

With an incredible roar fifteen little motor bikes shot out of the mammoth hull. Next was a family wagon pulling a little speed boat on a rickety trailer. Then a truck full of produce to supply a thriving tourist island that produced little for itself, let alone the thousands and thousands of visitors it received each year. Next came a truck loaded with building materials to complete a house being built for a wealthy Danish tycoon who would use Sifnos as his little escape from the pressures of modern business.

There was a slight interlude and then the great vehicle appeared. She paused for a moment at the opening of the orifice for just a second- but it was enough time for the sun's rays to bounce off the immaculate green body and illuminate the silver Mercedes insignia on the front grill. "Ohs" and "Ahs" rose from the transfixed crowd. The minds of everyone present recognized the importance of the moment.

You see, Sifnos, did not have the massive skyscrapers reaching towards the sky. She didn't have the super highways to transport her masses of people from town to town. She didn't even have one of those monstrous factories spewing out black sooty smoke. But that no longer mattered. She was now on equal footing with all the other towns and villages who were part of the european community. She now had her own symbol, as proof to the world of her safe arrival into modern civilization. Proof that she too had entered the twentieth-century, and along with Athens, New York, Tokyo and Mexico City, was now a thriving member of modern society.

The cynics could not longer dispute that Sifnos had entered the modern world, for the proof sat right there on the end of the dock for all to examine. Yes, it was truly a glorious day in the colorful history of Sifnos.

Yes... her first garbage truck had arrived........

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