Walking Athens and Athens For Children
by Bruce Hunt

Walking through The Oldest City in the World
(183 pages, ©1998 Bruce Hunt)
By Bruce Hunt

Fourteen tours which take you to the famous and less well known parts of ancient, medieval and modern Athens, self-led, they are infinitely flexible and can be a must do for the "power walker" and those wishing to avoid exertion at all cost.

Athens is a busy place as befits a capital city which physically is the product of the past fifty years built on the previous five thousand. It DEMANDS PATIENCE. It is easy to be overwhelmed by motorcycles, traffic, crowds and the wonders just around the corner. Better to slow down and enjoy a few things than try to "cover" many. Athens and Greece will be here when you return.

These walks have been developed over many years, years in which Athens kept changing. Although they have been updated and corrected, as this is printed there are new museums about to open, others re-opening after years of renovation and all seem to be in a constant state of improvement. This is to say, the dynamism of Athens is not restricted to motor vehicles!

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Two Dozen Things to Do with Those Twelve and Under
(82 pages, ©1998 Bruce Hunt)
By Bruce Hunt

Few cities are comfortable for kids. Athens is no exception. On the other hand, most cities have "THINGS TO DO" and, again, Athens is no exception.

Included in this booklet are twenty-four options, some organized and specialized, some flexible and waiting to be "filled".

The options range from athletics(the stadium & playgrounds) to the intellectual(Museums) to the artistic(Children's Art and Musical Museums, The Megaron Symphony Hall, The National Gallery) to BIG THINGS(The Fire Department, The Train Museum).

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